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Sandy Swanson
Sandy Swanson

Sandy Swanson

Private Wealth Advisor

Every morning I ask the question, “If absolutely anything was possible, what would I love to make happen in my life? For myself? For my children? For my parents? What would it look like and feel like if it was really, really good? That question has led to a life rich with experiences – sometimes great and sometimes challenging.

I ask that same question of our clients and love hearing their story and learning what’s important to them, not just from an investment perspective, but from a ‘life well-lived’ perspective. Using that as a starting point allows us to create a plan and determine a customized plan for every individual and family.

Life has taken me on a journey from a successful start-up company through a divorce and single parenthood to happily married and now an empty nest. Through all of this, I valued the fact that I never had to go-it alone. Having a team to cheer you on or to pull you up helps. Being a part of the Potentia team who really get that and bring their own life experience to each and every person we meet is incredibly rewarding.


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