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2024 Full-Year Investment Outlook

By Potentia Wealth


Despite recessionary fears dominating the 2023 headlines, the economy grew, unemployment declined, the S&P 500 rallied, and inflation decelerated. Looking ahead to 2024, the million-dollar question is whether the economy will maintain these upward trends.

As we look at various economic markers, the 2024 outlook is overwhelmingly positive. With unemployment only at 3.7%, the labor market is exceptionally strong. The overall economy continues to expand, posting GDP growth of 4.9% and 3.3% for the final two quarters of 2023. The Fed hasn’t raised interest rates since July of 2023. And consumer spending seems largely unaffected by the high interest rate environment.

While the strong equity market returns have earned much attention, the fixed income and international markets are offering interesting opportunities for protection and growth. And when it comes to economic uncertainties, we’re carefully watching a few key areas: Geopolitical concerns in the Middle East, whether the Fed can keep inflation at bay, and how the election year could affect the overall economy.

During our 2024 Full-Year Investment Outlook, we discussed these issues and more with special guest Jack Manley, Global Market Strategist for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. In the 29-minute webinar, Jack discusses: 

Looking at the year ahead, we are optimistic. Yet we remain constantly vigilant — ready to pivot if the need arises. As always, the advisors at Potentia Wealth are focused on providing investment opportunities that can help clients achieve long-lasting financial health.

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