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When you have a team, you have more time.

For families with assets in excess of $2 million, Potentia integrates your family financial affairs and offers stewardship through a world of changes.

Wealth Management

Wealth is more than prosperity. It’s similar to health and well-being, requiring a certain amount of management to maintain it — though it shouldn’t be a burden. For every family, there are foundational needs that include investments, budgeting, estate, income tax and insurance. Potentia services begin with strong financial planning and finely tuned investment management. Adding to that, we integrate and coordinate the financial services you need, giving you more time to enjoy what you’ve created.

Financial Life Planning

We weave together your aims and ambitions for wealth accumulation and income generation with your vision for retirement. Then add education planning for your children. And over the course of the many life stages ahead, we’ll check-in together to update the plan. Financial life planning is not something you do once and cross off the list. It is a road map you return to for guidance as you make progress, make changes, and make a life.

Tax Planning

Simply put, our goal is to reduce your tax liability. Potentia will work with you and your tax professional throughout the year to plan meticulously and execute tax efficient strategies that aid your situation. As an individual or a business owner, creating a relationship between your Advisor and your Tax Professionals makes your life easier. Everything is knit together as part of your long-term tax plan.

Risk Management

Risk plays a recurring role throughout your financial life, returning again and again. It is important to evaluate risk, determine your risk tolerance, and sometimes mitigate risk. Risk management is protection in the forms of life insurance, disability, asset and personal property protection. No matter what the future holds, it is an essential part of your family’s financial strategy. So, too, is long term care that can provide financial security in the case of chronic illness, disability and conditions that extend for prolonged periods of time. Through your advisor at Potentia, you have access to multiple insurance sources for your risk protection needs.

Trusts and Estate Services

When considering wealth transfer, it is important for most Americans to know—no matter the size of their estate—their assets will move to the people they choose at the lowest possible rate of taxation and at the highest rate of interest earned. How the wealth transfer plan is communicated to future generations is also important. We work closely with the matriarch and patriarch of the family, first helping to consolidate their wealth and create an inventory of all assets. Then we work together with trust and estate professionals, the trust owner, and the heirs to help educate and clarify the roles that each child or beneficiary will play in managing the business or wealth once the parents are gone.


A breadth of knowledge is waiting for you.

Potentia acts on your behalf, calling on a network of skilled professionals to act as Strategic Resources for your family’s full range of needs.

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