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Sandy Swanson Discusses the Importance of Trust with Investor’s Business Daily

By Potentia Wealth


When it comes to the client-advisor relationship, there is no substitute for trust. Neither an impressive resume nor smart investment philosophy can assure a client that their interests will come first. Building trust takes time and intention and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. Potentia Wealth Private Wealth Advisor Sandy Swanson recently spoke with Investor’s Business Daily about Potentia’s relationship-based approach to wealth management and how getting to know the person across the desk – or the Zoom screen – is her first priority when meeting new clients or potential clients.

Swanson tells the publication that listening and learning has been the key to her successful client relationships. Before getting into what a prospective client is seeking in an advisor or providing any recommendations, Swanson first wants to understand what’s going on in their lives and what matters most to them.

According to Swanson, clients often share what has gone wrong in the past with previous firms or advisors. “I don’t make them feel bad about their previous choices,” she explains. Instead, she keeps the conversation positive and focused on what they can accomplish going forward.

“Eventually, the conversation turns to what they’re looking for in an advisor,” Swanson explains. At that point, she shares her experience and expertise and how her firm helps clients. She also discusses an important aspect of trust in the client-advisor relationship: how she is paid.

In an industry where compensation can be murky, Swanson believes a simple and straightforward conversation about compensation is an important step in showing a client that a firm is worthy of their trust. “Don’t try to hide your fees,” says Swanson. “They know you’re getting paid.”

Recalling a mistake she made early in her career, Swanson also shared a lesson learned the hard way: Don’t tune out the quieter person. “I completely misjudged who the decision-maker was,” Swanson says. “Since then, I’ve learned to have a conversation with both people.”

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