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Video: Full-Year Economic Outlook

By Potentia Wealth


A month ago, our markets were focused on the supply chain, inflation and interest rates. While today we are spending most of our time talking about the conflict in Ukraine and the global economic impact of the resulting sanctions, a month from today, we will most likely be back to the fundamental discussions of the supply chain, inflation and interest rates. Join Potentia Wealth CEO Kevin Swanson and Talley Léger, a Senior Investment Strategist for Invesco’s Global Thought Leadership team, for a discussion of these fundamental economic challenges that existed before the Ukraine crisis and will continue to impact beyond Ukraine in our Full-Year Economic Outlook. We will discuss the seven reasons we should continue to look to equities for growth in our portfolios in 2022.

During this discussion, we also offer insight to the following questions:

If you have any questions about our current outlook or are interested in learning more about any of our future events, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing a continuing education series in person and digitally in the future for our clients so you can be better prepared for whatever the future might hold. 

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