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Kevin Swanson Discusses 2022 Real Estate Investing Opportunities with GO Banking Rates

By Potentia Wealth


Real estate investments have the potential to earn investors a big profit, but only if you invest in the right properties. To help you learn about some of the best real estate investing opportunities in 2022, GO Banking Rates turned to Potentia Wealth CEO and Private Wealth Advisor Kevin Swanson for insight.

According to Swanson, residential properties in metropolitan areas, which he believes will soon experience a massive return of people who left large cities during the pandemic, are a great opportunity for investors this year.

“For our clients looking for real estate opportunities in today’s market, we are looking to larger metropolitan cities that have shown softness in this pandemic market and are urging them to move quickly,” Swanson tells the publication. “As the pandemic wains, we believe many companies will require their employees to come back to the office and demand will increase for housing close to corporate headquarters, creating an arbitrage opportunity in the real estate market.”

However, Swanson cautions that real estate investors interested in getting in on this buying opportunity need to act fast to secure the best deals.

“In Portland, Oregon, a client found a new condo complex that had just completed construction and began selling units three months before the pandemic began. The complex had to reduce its prices by nearly 50% in order to get units sold in 2020 and 2021,” Swanson explains. “Along with this buying opportunity, we have low interest rates, which we expect to disappear over the next two years as the Fed deals with persistently high inflation rates.”

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