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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Our Top Takeaways


Maintaining your health and your nest egg in retirement are two of the biggest concerns currently facing Americans, even if you are still decades away from retirement. To chart a path to longevity in both areas requires a good strategy. To help you as you take your next steps toward sustained health and wealth, Potentia Wealth recently hosted a webinar titled, “Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.”

During this webinar, Potentia Wealth CEO, Private Wealth Advisor and LPL Registered Principal Kevin Swanson was joined by Transamerica Health Director Dr. Bill Lloyd to provide a post-pandemic guide for your health and financial well-being. Additionally, Dr. Lloyd brought to light eye-opening statistics that we believe help demonstrate the importance of striving toward a healthy, wealthy and wise lifestyle.

Some of the most interesting statistics shared by Dr. Lloyd include:

Following Dr. Lloyd’s presentation on the importance of taking care of both your financial and personal health, Kevin was joined by Potentia Partner/Business Development Sandy Swanson to discuss how Potentia’s holistic approach can help you and your family pursue both. Throughout their conversation, they explained our firm’s holistic services and how they can help you figure out the best life you can have today to enjoy tomorrow.

Kevin and Sandy specifically touch upon:

Here at Potentia, we do so much more than just manage wealth – we also help ensure that you can enjoy the experiences and quality of life that wealth provides. Through our life plans, we can provide you with the helping hand you need to stay on track, even as life’s curveballs are thrown your way.

Your family financial health is the goal.

The simple, powerful reason to focus on your financial health is to take good care of yourself and the ones you love. We’ll help you do both.

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